“Not all those that wander are lost” 

J.R.R. Tolkien

I think we expected that a destination wedding would be easier to plan but soon found out that there is a lot of work doing research, planning and a whole bunch of other things.  Having Marnie take care of this with her expertise and her infectiously positive attitude made it a much better experience for myself and especially for my wife.

Because adventures are better when they’re well-planned.

Jeff R.

Destination Wedding

“If you are looking for a travel agent to assist you with all the details involved when traveling with a large group, Wheels Up Adventures is your best bet.  Our team collaborated with Marnie on flights and all extra-curricular activities.  Marnie was able to save us thousands of dollars when booking our flights to Namibia and created a great itinerary for our downtime which included a safari experience, and a weekend trip to the coast that included four-wheeling in the Namibian desert.  Marnie took care of every detail and ensured that our entire team was able to travel together, which was impressive considering our size.  I never want to travel overseas without her assistance.”

Marcia – Missions Team Leader

Tomoka Christian Church


Mission Travel Extraordinaire​

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