Wheels Up Adventures, through Odyssey Travel, is located in Ormond Beach, Florida and works with clients throughout the globe to provide first-class service through our partnership with Odyssey Travel and the Virtuoso Network, while planning custom adventures for our clients from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the best surfing spots on the Australian coast. Building authentic relationships with our clients and ensuring that their travel experience is exceptional is our number one priority.

At Wheels Up Adventures we believe that travel and experiencing other places and cultures is essential to living life to the fullest. We understand that each of our clients have a unique perspective on what they want to experience, where they want to go and what their budget entails. Creating an itinerary based on the expectations, needs and wants of our client, is the key to ensuring a successful individual, family, group or mission voyage.



Marnie has worked in the travel industry for a number of years as a Flight Attendant, Ticket Agent, Destination Wedding Planner, Mission Planning Expert, and is an avid traveler herself having traveled to locations throughout Europe, Africa, South America, Canada and the United States.