Austin Adventures – Domestic Adventures

Our Virtuoso Travel Partner, Austin Adventures is a small, family-owned-and-operated business headquartered in Billings, Montana. Their size and personalized approach work to your advantage. Why? Because being a boutique firm allows them to truly listen to their Alumni, their guides, and their partners, like Wheels Up Adventures – and in turn, to tweak, fine-tune, and perfect your experiences in the field. So, if you’re looking to get off the grid in the most impressive, intimate, and fun way possible, rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got lots in store for 2021.

When you were a kid, did you ever put up a tent in the backyard just to feel like you were somewhere else? Some of our favorite memories come from those summer nights under the stars. A simple change in scenery right at home made us feel like we were in a whole different world. Not all incredible vacations lie across the oceans, and you’d be surprised what new experiences are awaiting to be discovered so close by. Some of Austin Adventures top-rated trips are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from your own backyard. Here is a countdown of our top 10 domestic tours for 2021!

10. North Carolina – The High Country

No need to fly to Europe to experience European history and culture. North Carolina is abundant in early American history interwoven with French, British, and Spanish notes. While you may feel the remnants of the past in its beauty, you’re sure to be reminded of its American present as you watch a bald eagle soar above the Catawba River winding through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Adventure travel through the landscape on foot, kayak, or zipline and then refuel yourself with the American tradition of Carolina BBQ!

9. South Dakota – Black Hills & Mount Rushmore

If stories of American cowboys and outlaws pique your interest, then perhaps the majestic Black Hills of South Dakota is the adventure travel choice for you! Seeing the country from the top of Bear Butte will leave no doubts as to why Native Americans revere it as sacred. From train to bicycles, you’ll traverse the land above while on foot you’ll explore the caves below. And of course one of the man-made marvels of the world, Mount Rushmore, is sure to leave you in awe of the natural canvases and man’s design capabilities.

8. California – Wine Country

If you’ve been itching for the views of Southern France or the peaceful rolling hills of Tuscany, you may want to add this domestic trip sure to suit your French fancies to your list as well. The wine country of California is an almost impossible mixture of forests, valleys, beaches, and mountains that is home to some of the most decorated and diverse wineries in the world. Luscious west coast grapes boasting redwood nutrients nurtured with sea breeze moisture are used to concoct wines to match anyone’s pallet. Sommeliers flock to this countryside to visit these gorgeous and historic vineyards. By bike or by hike, there is no wrong way to see the beauty of this magical place. For individual itineraries, contact us below.

7. Arizona – Grand Canyon National Park

If one of the seven natural wonders of the world were in your backyard, would you be any less impressed by it? Of course not! Then there is no wonder as to why Grand Canyon National Park is consistently one of our top trips. A picture will never be able to capture the true depths of the Grand Canyon nor the striking colors of the rocks. The position of the sun highlights different faces of the canyon’s features around you as the days goes on and there is no shortage of magical encounters with nature and wildlife.

6. Utah – Mighty Five National Parks

On this trip, you’ll most definitely question whether you are still in the United States. As a matter of fact, you might even wonder if you are still on Earth and have found yourself traversing Mars. Utah boasts five stunning national parks, each holding wonders that deserve to be marveled at for generations to come. From looking down into stunningly red and orange canyons to peering up at the artistic Fisher Towers, no matter where your gaze falls, you’ll find beauty. Around each corner are hidden waterfalls and geological masterpieces. Why would we only take you to one National Park when you can experience all five?

5. Alaska – Kenai Fjords & Peninsula

America’s last frontier anticipates your visit, a trip sure to hold adventure and wonderment. The terrain transitions from glaciers and dark blue oceans to snow-covered mountains surrounded by dense, green forests. Each scene has one thing in common: they are each breathtaking. Very few places can make you feel truly one with nature and Alaska is more nature than human habitat. The orcas and sea otters are sure to remind you of that. The call of the wild is strong here; will you answer?

4. Utah – Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park are must-see places to visit in Utah. In fact, these national parks are truly two of the most beautiful places on earth. That’s why we include these amazing destinations. Enjoy hiking, biking, picnics, and more as you explore canyons, waterfalls, natural springs, and stunning landscapes. This is a great summer vacation idea and terrific way to make memories!

3. Wyoming – Yellowstone National Park

The lands here are so strikingly beautiful and unique that these acres became America’s first protected lands as a National Park. Yellowstone National Park is certainly on the top of the list as a tourist destination, but no tour bus can show you the park like we can. Off the beaten trail, you’ll watch the Yellowstone River’s Upper Falls rush over rugged, majestic cliffs and follow the water through the picturesque Artist Point aptly named for the array of colors painted on the mountainside. Take a horse ride through the Absaroka Mountains and finish off your trip with a mineral soak in the famous Chico Hot Springs. Yellowstone is a top destination for most, but for us, it’s not just a destination; it’s an adventure.

2. Montana – Glacier National Park

Adventurers assemble! This adventure travel vacation is unlike any other which is why it makes the list. Hiking, biking, and river rafting will be just tidbits of your time in the park known as the “Crown of the Continent”. If that doesn’t put into perspective how awe-striking the park is, perhaps the description dubbed by the Native Americans, “Backbone of the World” will do a better job. While you’re in this nexus of world beauty, you’ll also be going to the sun. “Going-to-the-Sun Road” will at least make you feel that way as you overlook the mountain valley and the glaciers floating in the lakes below. For the Austin Adventures home team, this truly is our backyard. But here, you’ll feel like you’re closer to heaven.

  1. Wyoming – Yellowstone & Grand Teton

The west may have been won in America, but one part of the west has largely remained untouched: Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks. It’s hard to believe that you can see such diverse terrains nestled so close together, from rivers in deep valleys and wildflower pastures to towering mountains and the colorful geothermic wonders found below the ground you walk on. This family adventure allows the discovery of two iconic parks rolled into one trip.