Virtuoso Travel Week

We hope this inspires you to look ahead to future travels.
We’re here for you when you’re ready to explore again.

It’s our favorite week of the year.

Every August, Virtuoso Travel Week brings together thousands of travel advisors and industry professionals for the world’s largest luxury travel conference. Though it’s usually in Las Vegas, this year’s event is going virtual for the first time ever. Things may look different, but the most important element remains the same: It’s all about the connections. Virtuoso travel advisors spend the week networking with hotels, cruise lines, tour providers, and on-the-ground contacts from around the world, learning about the latest industry news and developments and gathering trip ideas for you. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the world, this year’s look at the future of travel is essential.

While your advisor is busy online shopping for your next vacation, we’ll be sharing Virtuoso Travel Week highlights on Twitter – including the latest data, insights, and predictions about travel to how our favorite destinations are preparing to welcome guests back. We hope you’ll follow along. In the meantime, this week’s newsletter features a few ideas to get excited about, from a simple stroll to a trip to space.

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Marnie Van der Burgt
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